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Energy Storage battery


OPzV    ||  Long life GEL  ||  Deep cycle GEL ||  FT GEL series


Reserve Power Battery


General Purpose   ||  Long Life AGM   ||  FT AGM Series


Car Battery


Start-Stop battery   ||  Dry battery

Motive Power Battery


Golf cart   ||  EV series

Lithium Battery


LA replaced series   ||  Motocycle series


Energy Storage Battery

Energy storage systems provide a wide array of technological approaches to managing our power supply in order to create a more resilient energy infrastructure and bring cost savings to utilities and consumers. Energy Storage Battery as one way of BATTERIES, THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE,  MECHANICAL ENERGY STORAGE,  HYDROGEN ENERGY STORAGE,  PUMPED HYDRO-POWER, is used for solar,wind, home or business (Commercial applications include peak shaving, load shifting, emergency backup, and various grid services. Residential applications include self-consumption, off-grid homes, and emergency backup)

OPzV Battery

Storage Gel OPzV Tubular batteries provide long and reliable performance in reserve power applications. The batteries have a long proven track record in mission 

critical installations, especially in remote and high temperature environments. Tubular lead-acid batteries are exceptionally tolerant of partial state of charge 

operation and deep discharge.

Gel OPzV batteries provide superior float and cycle performance, with up to 20 year design life in renewable and stationary applications. 

The batteries feature impact resistant ABS case and sliding terminal poles to prevent long term damage. Gel OPzV batteries are valve regulated, 

maintenance-free, and provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

OPzV Battery applications


Solar power: diesel hybrid, off-grid generation and storage, domestic storage


Standby Power


 Rail (Rolling Stock applications)

Emergency lighting

Diesel locomotive starter


Motive Power


Warehousing: Forklift trucks, electric hand trucks, AGV

EV: Golf cart, Rickshaws





Long Life Gel Battery

BLG2 battery is long life Gel electrolyte battery with designed 12 years life in standby service, or more than 400 cycle life at 50% DOD in deep cycle service.

NPL series batteries are highly efficient and long life gel cell VRLA, AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) separator maintenance free battery with lead-calcium alloy plate, 

which provides longer standby life performance, extra durability and lifespan.

Voltage : 2V

Capacity : 200AH ~ 3000AH

Application : UPS / Telecom / Base station

Maintenance free

When battery is charging, hydrogen would be absorbed and reversed to electrolyte by plates. It doesn't need to refill water and balanced charge, 

which makes maintenance free.

Flexible installation

AGM separator keep electrolyte absorbed in glass mat and still. Battery can be used or positioned in any orientation.

Longer lifespan in extreme weather

Gel cell electrolyte prevent electrolyte being evaporated in high temperature or being frozen in low temperature, which keep battery in high performance 

in extreme weather.

Extremely safe

When excessive gas production by inappropriate charging occurs, safety valves will automatically emit the gas to prevent battery cracked.

Long standby life, Better cycle performance

Anti-corrosion lead-calcium alloy plate provides longer float charging life. AGM separator can trap electrolyte and prevent active materials on positive plate 

dropping at the same time. Moreover, it gives better deep discharge cycle performance.

Longer shelf life

Special lead-calcium alloy plates make lower self-discharge for longer shelf life.

High rate performance

Low inner resistance allows higher discharging and charging current for better performance in high rate application

Deep-Cycle GEL Battery 

BRAVA's deep-cycle gel batteries are sealed, maintenance-free batteries that deliver superior power in demanding renewable

energy applications. Engineered for rugged durability, outstanding performance and long battery life, BRAVA's deep-cycle

gel batteries feature a number of important design characteristics that provide significant advantages over competing

gel products. The gelled electrolyte is a proprietary formulation that delivers consistent performance and dramatically

extends the battery’s cycle life. Lead alloy grids provide longer shelf life and superior corrosion resistance as well as deliver more concentrated energy to the terminals. 

Its premium grade, double-insulated separators allow maximum charge flow

between the plates for optimum performance.

With a long service life and durable design, gel batteries are at the top end of battery design. The standard gel battery shares many properties

 with AGM deep cycle batteries while the 'tubular' gel battery is more commonly used in large scale, non-portable battery banks.

Both types of gel battery consist of a ‘gelified’ electrolyte that sits between lead plates, making them non-spilling and safe to place on their side. 

This sealed design also reduces the risk of electrolyte evaporation often encountered in traditional wet cell batteries and makes gel batteries highly resistant

 to vibration. It also decreases internal resistance, giving the battery higher charge and discharge capabilities.

Front Terminal GEL Battery

Front Terminal GEL batteries are designed to meet the requirements of heavy duty applications in high temperature. This series is highly suited 

for telecommunications and renewable energy systems where reliability and performance are the priority.

These batteries benefit from an optimized gelled electrolyte which offers a long float life and deep cycle life. These batteries offer easy & fast installation 

and are maintenance free.

The features and advantages are as follows:

Floating charge design life is 15 years

Wide range of service temperature:-15°C ~ 60°C

Nanometer colloid electrolyte is adopted, without electrolyte stratification

Longer cycle life

The front terminal colloidal battery is 30% lower than AGM battery, which is more suitable for high temperature floating charging applications 

and is less likely to lose control of heat

High tin alloy and thick plate design

Lower self-discharge (service life up to 9 months at 20°C)

Excellent recovery ability after deep discharge

Therefore, front-end terminal batteries are widely used in the field of communication power supply in the world. Meanwhile, 

front-end terminal batteries are often used in the following fields:

UPS(uninterruptible power supply)

Marine equipment

Telecommunications equipment

Engine start

Emergency lighting control equipment

Fire and safety systems

Computer, power switching system

Microprocessor-based office machines

Wind and solar power systems

Reserve Power Battery

Reserve Power Battery applications below:

EPS / Emergency Light, Signal, Security System / Electronic Equipment / DC Power Supply / Power System / Radio Communication






Long Life AGM Battery

Stationary 2V AGM Batteries Serials are mainly big capacity batteries with voltage of 2V. It use advanced micro porous absorbed glass matt 

separator – minimizes diffusion of oxygen into the separator, reducing float charge current which suppressed the corrosion rate of 

the positive grid and extends the life of the battery.

Battery Features

long life AGM VRLA battery is specially designed on the base of European dwarf form standard structure. It features streamline design and elegant appearance;

Thicker and extended plate can ensure self absorption, thus effectively prolonging service life of the storage battery;

The valve regulated lead acid battery comes with special design that allows almost no reduction of electrolyte volume in use and no addition of water in service life;

Unique corrosion resistant grid alloy plus special lead paste formula enables our long life AGM battery to boast outstanding recovery capability when over discharging as well longer float charge service life;

High purity raw materials assure this type of power source ultra low self discharge;

Gas recombination technology is adopted so that the battery has extremely high seal reaction efficiency and separates out no acid mist, hence generating no pollution to the environment.

Applications of Long Life AGM VRLA Battery

Telecommunication systems including exchange board, microwave station, mobile base station, data center, radio and broadcast station;

Power plant and power transmission system;

Solar energy and wind turbine system;

Signal system and emergency lighting system;

EPS and UPS systems (Known as UPS battery).

BravaBattery is a leading manufacturer & supplier in Vietnam and China. Long Life AGM Battery [Model Selection], [More Technology Detail].

Front Terminal AGM Battery

The front terminal AGM battery is designed for telecommunications applications with a floating charge life of up to 12 years and uses a thickened 3D curved plate with a special paste formulation and the latest AGM baffle technology. It has stable performance and good consistency, it is suitable for outdoor telecommunications occasions and other backup power applications. The features and advantages are as follows:

  • Sealing structure (leakproof), no leakage, no acid fog, no need to add acid and water during use

  • Absorbent Glass Mat Technology (AGM) with efficient gas recombination up to 99%

  • maintenance free (no watering)/ sealed battery (SLA)

  • Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)

  • Long service life of deep circulation and 12 years design life of floating charge

  • Temperature range: -15°C ~ 55°C

  • High tin thickening 3D surface plate design

  • Special lead paste is added to improve charging receptivity

  • Low self-discharge rate, approx 3% per month

  • Good recovery performance of deep discharge






IT systems and more

BravaBattery is a leading manufacturer & supplier in Vietnam and China. Front Terminal AGM Battery [Model Selection], [More Technology Detail].

What is a start stop car battery?
If you’re on the market for a new car battery, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options. Even more so if it’s been a while since you last bought a car battery. Among the latest in passenger vehicle battery technology is the start/stop car battery.

The benefits of AGM batteries
3-4 times more cycling life than standard batteries.
Up to 8% lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency.
Greater vibration resistance
Lower internal resistance allowing faster recharging.
High charge capacity, which is crucial for regenerative braking and energy management systems.
Reliable, strong starting power even at low charge.
Completely maintenance-free.
100% leak-proof and sealed, with no loose acid.

Dry battery

Motive Power Battery

Golf cart  

EV series

Lithium Battery

LA replaced series  

Motocycle series

Tribute to Gustav Planté

AGM Battery / AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Starting, Lighting, Ignition (SLI) - Starter Batteries

These batteries deliver a large burst of power for a short time as needed for normal engine starting. The battery is then recharged by the alternator. Unlike a deep-cycle battery, starting batteries are not designed to withstand multiple discharge/recharge cycles, and draining it can significantly shorten its life.


Deep-Cycle Batteries

These batteries are designed to provide a steady amount of current over a long period of time. Deep-cycle batteries can be repeatedly discharged and recharged without causing damage or shortening their life. They are well suited to powering numerous electronics and plug-in accessories, or other applications that place high demands on them such as marine.

Some deep-cycle batteries can be used for engine starting as well (these are sometimes referred to as dual-purpose), but be sure to check the CCA rating to ensure the battery has sufficient starting power.



Deep cycle batteries provide sustained energy, making them ideal for certain applications that require more than a quick start. Some of the most common uses for deep cycle batteries include:

Marine applications
Recreational vehicles
Materials handling, including forklifts
Golf carts
Off-grid renewable energy

For some applications, particularly marine uses, hybrid batteries are another solution. A hybrid marine battery can offer both a starter burst and sustained power for marine applications, but tends to have a shorter lifespan than a battery with a dedicated role



Even among deep cycle batteries with similar functionality, there are different types. The two most common types of deep cycle batteries are flooded deep cycle batteries and sealed or “maintenance-free” deep cycle batteries.


Flooded deep cycle batteries require regular monitoring. When the electrolyte levels are low in this type of battery, the user must refill the battery appropriately to maintain performance.


“Maintenance-free” batteries, which are also called “Sealed” or “Valve Regulated Lead Acid” batteries are sealed and do not require watering, although regular inspection is still recommended. 

As a consumer or a battery dealer, it is essential to understand the different functions of battery types. While the deep cycle battery distinction may not mean much to the average person, the more you know the better you can make effective power storage choices for all your needs.


A deep cycle battery is a battery that is designed to produce steady power output over an extended period of time, discharging the battery significantly, at which point it must be recharged to complete the cycle. By contrast, a regular car battery is designed to provide a momentary burst of energy, typically enough to get your car started, before handing off power production to the alternator. In this case, the battery is not designed to be cycled because it should be kept fully charged at all times.



A deep cycle battery is rated by the number of complete cycles that it will provide, as well as the depth of discharge that is allowable, and the amount of amperage that it will produce steadily. For instance, a deep cycle battery listing will tell you that it produces 75 Amp-Hours for a period of 20 hours, and is rated for 1000 full cycles at 80% depth of discharge. These numbers tell you how long the battery will last, how far you should be discharging the battery, how long you can expect to go before you need a battery replacement, and what kind of power you can expect in the meantime. With an ignition lead acid battery, the rating that matters most is the cold cranking amps (CCA), which only tells you how much power the battery can produce in a single burst at 32 degrees.

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